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For parents


You can use my site to interact with your children and teach them wonder.  Sure you can turn them loose on the site, but explore with them.  They'll love you for it

For Teachers/Students


My site is meant to encourage a sense of wonder, but there is of course curriculum.  For hardcore nuts and bolts science including resources for teachers and lessons and labs for students start here.  Consider visiting my alias as well.

For Kids


You can follow the kids links to keep it simple.  My youtube channel might be the best place to start.  Don't try any of my builds or experiments without your parent or guardians knowledge.

Biology Physics and Chemistry


Here are a series of videos dealing with the fundamental sciences that make up our world.



A focus on the applications of science where we use our knowledge to create.



Science is not just facts, it is a way of thinking.  Here you will find guides on logic and evidence based argument.  You can choose simple or really philosophical