Cal. power outages. DONT operate generators near house. DO have a CO detector

Project Downloads

1.  OPTICS:  A disappearing coin box.  Fully video instructions are on youtube.

Complete and Incomplete combustion

First video in my combustion series and home safety

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

This was to be my title sequence for my series on carbon monoxide awareness.  I think it is poignant, but I could not attach it as the leader to any of my videos.  In my research I almost feel like I know some of these people now and it breaks my heart to see their pictures and I just couldn't let it segue into one of my videos, it seemed disrespectful so it stands alone.  I plan to convert it to a self contained memorial segment

My Skills

30 years teaching science

I've taught science for 30 years.  Not just science but specifically Physics, English, Geography, Mathematics, Small Engines,  Special Ed. (and music privately) .I am very adaptable and cross curricular.  I am using this site as a free repository of what I have developed.

Hands on Experience

I was lucky enough to have a mother who loved books and a father who worked with his hands.  As a result I can approach science from an academic perspective or hands on.  I've been an avid scuba diver, rocket builder, solar power hobbyist, carpenter and welder and spent a season working in the arctic with a climatologist.

Cross over specialist

I don't believe in subjects.  They are simply bins to help organize subjects, nothing more.  I try to find the science in everyday life, from art, music, light and health, in the engineering of our world, science is everywhere.  I have a particular love for the science of music as I play the piano, flute, guitar, and am fighting with the cello.